Time and Space Died Yesterday


The series is inspired by Michaelangelo Antonioni’s film, L’Eclisse, and the cityscape and architecture of EUR, a suburb of Rome. EUR was established by Mussolini as the site of the never-realized World’s Fair of 1942 and the future seat of a Fascist Italian empire. In the 1950’s, it was revisited by Futurist architects who looked toward innovation and technology (rather than a heroic past) to inspire designs for a utopian city. Using L’Eclisse (The Eclipse) as an outdated psychogeographic map to explore this site of intersecting and overlapping fascist and capitalist utopian visions, Seder creates a series of still images for a new imagined narrative. In her narrative, Seder pieces together fragments of other narratives from the film L’Eclisse, modernism, utopian visions, science fiction, dystopias, and personal events. The title of the series, swiped from Marionetti’s 1909 Futurist Manifesto, returns to the Futurists’ vision of the collapsing of time and history into a fast-moving, ever-renewing present and the potential violence that may erupt from such an act.

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